Mowing, Trimming, and Edging

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Proper maintenance of your lawn is essential for a great looking, healthy yard. As is the case with most things in life, it starts with the basics. Mowing, trimming, and edging are simple enough, but are seldom done correctly. 

To promote healthy growth in lawns, prevent weeds and disease in unwanted areas, and give your neighbors lawn envy, the right tools and knowledge are needed. Mowing at the right height on a seasonal schedule will help promote dense, uniform growth throughout your lawn, as well as combat weed competition. 

We utilize the best equipment and latest proven practices in lawn care to ensure the best-looking yard possible. Factors such as blade sharpness, quality trimmer wire, or edge angle are always on our mind, all to give you the great looking yard you want! 



Residential / Commercial

There is no better or faster way to a healthier, greener, and fuller lawn than through fertilization. Our trained and certified technician will treat your lawn using the highest quality granular and liquid fertilizers available to ensure that lush green you’re looking for. 

Our carefully designed 6 Step Fertilizer Program utilizes different fertilizers and application methods all built around our Utah climate and weather schedule to promote a healthier, better looking lawn.  Each application has a specific purpose that helps prevent weeds, stimulate healthy root growth, get rid of those pesky lawn weeds, green up your lawn, help thicken, and prepare it for the long winter. 

We are also happy to do one-time treatments and can easily adjust our programs to fit your needs, no matter the time of year! 


Pest and Weed Control

Residential / Commercial

When it comes to your yard, few things are more frustrating than weeds, diseases, and fungus. These can wreak havoc on not just your lawn, but your shrubs and trees as well. Knowing what you’re up against is your best bet in fighting back against these unwanted intruders. 

Our trained and certified technicians can help by coming and looking at what the problem is, diagnosing it using their knowledge and available resources, and then carefully applying the correct chemical to get rid of, control, or prevent the disease, weed, or fungus. 



Residential / Commercial

Core aeration can be the difference maker in your yard this year. All our crews are trained in aerating your yard properly to help promote better root growth and help alleviate compaction. It also helps with water infiltration, allowing your sprinkler system to do its job better. The plugs pulled out of the soil are left to break down over the next few weeks, which helps provide a better growing medium for the lawn throughout the season.

We typically aerate in the spring time to help your lawn look its best for the summer, but also offer aeration in the fall when root growth is at its optimum. 


Spring and Fall Clean-Up

Residential / Commercial

Fallen leaves are only good for piling up and jumping into. But all the work that goes into raking them and disposing of them is not quite as fun. 

Let our crews handle your spring and fall clean-ups this year. We carefully scour your property for any leaves, natural debris like broken branches and dead plants, and trash and remove and dispose of it for you, leaving your yard looking great again. 

We also offer general and full-service clean-ups throughout the year, not just I the spring and fall!


Irrigation Repairs

Residential / Commercial

Sprinkler head breaks are common place, especially if your system is more than just a few years old. But a lot more than just your sprinkler heads can break. Main lines, lateral lines, drip tube, valves, stop and wastes, rotors and pop-ups, filters, back flows, and more are some of the other things that can all have problems, causing sections or all of your irrigation system to stop working properly. 

Our trained irrigation technician can help diagnose any issues you may be having, get it fixed, and do what it takes to get your lawn and yard back to looking great. 


Landscape Installation

Residential / Commercial

From new homes, to re-doing an existing yard, our install crew can handle your project. We have the experience and knowledge to complete a landscape in a timely manner using the right equipment. 

From grading and shaping, retaining walls, pavers and concrete, sprinkler system installation, sod and plant installation, tree installation, bark and rock mulch, fire pits, in-ground trampolines, and much more, we offer what you’re looking for. 

Give us a call for a free estimate and quick sketch design of what we envision for your project! 


Snow Removal

Residential / Commercial

Icy parking lots can be nightmare. Let us help keep them clear during the winter months so you never have to worry about your employees, customers, or cars slipping and sliding around.

We use top of the line 8’ V plows to help us get the job done quickly and efficiently, allowing us to move the snow where you want it. We also provide road salt applications, to break down any ice and prevent more from building up. We service commercial properties, and offer sidewalk clearing for qualified properties. 


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