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Utah Valley Landscaping has proudly served Utah County businesses and residential homes for over 10 years. We are dedicated to fulfilling our purpose, which is to create and cultivate outdoor environments that enrich the lives of everyone that experience them. 

Our staff is trained and taught from day one that your property is not just another landscape to be maintained, but a home or business that deserves the utmost care and attention to detail, because that’s what our clients deserve. 


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Our trained professionals will cut your lawn to the proper height based on the season, water schedules, and overall health of the grass. We utilize the best machines and equipment to give the best cut. 

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We offer services that range from small enhancements, such as replacing old shrubs or mulch, to complete landscape installation. Request a free estimate today!

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Landscapes are very much alive, and each is unique. With the help of the latest research and a degree from BYU’s Landscape Management program, we aim to not only get your yard looking amazing, but teach you how as well along the way. 

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